Brehm-Lebo Engineering offers structural services including completed and comprehensive building design, forensic engineering, bridge design, retaining wall design/analysis/inspection, condition assessment analysis/reports, and expert hearing/court testimony. We utilize B.I.M. building information modeling software and finite element modeling software for complex designs.


If you have a building floor plan in mind, we can help you bring your image to fruition by assisting you from concept to construction and final occupancy. Our professional staff can design the structure, prepare bid packages and provide construction oversight. Additionally, we can review, analyze, and design both residential and commercial structures.


If you have a building failure problem, we will conduct site observations and conduct appropriate investigative procedures to determine the cause of the failure and make recommendations to either repair or replace the failed components. Along with this service, we can provide professional testimony in Pennsylvania Courts for legal proceedings against the party(s) responsible for the failed component(s).


We can inspect, analyze and design new bridge structures and retrofits for existing structures. We are familiar with designing bridge structures in a variety of materials including steel, concrete and timber.


We have designed roof top support structures for various equipment to be placed on top of existing building roof tops for several big name companies such as Nextel, Verizon and Sprint Wireless. We can also analyze existing communications towers to allow additional equipment to be co-located onto them.


  • Retaining Wall Design/Analysis/Inspection
  • Condition Assessment Analysis/Reports
  • Expert Hearing/Court Testimony
  • HUD Certifications
  • Construction Inspections
  • Building Condition Assessments