Established in 1981, by Wayne Statler and Larry Lahr, Statler & Lahr, Inc. quickly became known for providing excellent customer service while offering dependable cost effective surveying and engineering solutions. Mr. Douglas Brehm was the first employee of the company. Mr. Gregory Lebo was the fifth employee on a part-time basis as he attended college. Mr. Brehm joined the company as a partner in 1988. During the period of 1988-1998 Statler-Brehm Associates, Inc. continued to provide Central Pennsylvania with the ultimate in consulting services. In 1997 Mr. Lebo re-joined the company as a partner and in 1998 Brehm-Lebo Engineering, Inc. was rebranded to provide what is today a full service civil and structural engineering, planning, and surveying company. Brehm-Lebo has grown to provide services to a variety of markets, including commercial and residential clients, municipal, state and federal government, and industrial clients.

Located in the heart of Cumberland Valley (Carlisle, PA), Brehm- Lebo is able to respond easily and effectively to the needs of clients in a broad regional area, including Central Pennsylvania and surrounding regions and states.

At Brehm-Lebo Engineering, our core values shine with commitment to quality professional services is the dedication and experience of our staff, which allows our firm to be competitive in many areas of our field. The commitment to quality professional service means accessibility and accountability as well. Quality customer service is the utmost importance to Brehm-Lebo. It is a hallmark of the company, and is extended to all clients regardless of size, as is the effort to provide the best value of services for the dollar. We invest in our employees and in our engineering equipment utilizing the latest Autodesk products including Civil 3D and Revit. Our commitment to quality and sustainable designs, combined with the latest computers and surveying equipment produces results that help clients see their dreams turn into real products and structures.

The adjoined rings in our logo are a symbol of the unity between Brehm-Lebo Engineering and the community we serve, as well as the commitment of its leaders to the success of the company. Brehm-Lebo Engineering will always stay committed to building our communities, sustaining our environment and natural resources and growing with the challenges and changes in our profession.